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Ifest 2023 and the Brazilian Trivia

The Brazilian stand in the Ifest 2023
The Brazilian stand in the Ifest 2023

Brazilian Trivia

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news of an electrifying event that took place on September 23, 2023! The Phyloinformatics Lab proudly sponsored the vibrant Brazilian table at UNC Charlotte’s 2023 Ifest, and what an adventure it was!

We extended an enthusiastic invitation to all to join us in an exhilarating trivia game, testing their knowledge of the beautiful land of Brazil. Laughter and learning echoed through the event as we shared delicious Brazilian treats and candy with kids and adults alike.

The excitement reached its peak when the first person or team aced an astounding 12 questions and walked away with a magnificent, larger-than-life box of candy! But that’s not all – we also randomly drew a lucky number from a list of options, and destiny smiled upon BR0136 (thanks for contacting us to collect your award)!

Once again, a huge congratulations to all who participated, making this event a truly memorable celebration of Brazil’s rich culture and heritage!

Keep the Brazilian spirit alive and stay tuned for more exciting adventures with the Phyloinformatics Lab!

Download the Brazilian Trivia

The Brazilian Booth at UNC Charlotte’s Ifest 2023

The Phyloinformatics Lab at the Ifest 2023

The Phyloinformatics Lab sponsored a booth in the Ifest 2023. The Brazilian booth offered an entertaining trivia game that awarded Brazilian treats to some lucky participants.

If you want to play the Brazilian Trivia yourself, we have all the questions and answers available here. The rules are simple: get one answer wrong, and you are out! But you can skip three times. Answer four random questions of each level correctly (easy, medium, and hard) to win (or see who can answer more questions before getting the first wrong answer).

The Phyloinformatics Lab sincerely appreciated the help of the following members of the 49ers community that graciously offered their time and energy to help us with this event (names are in alphabetical order of first names):

Special thanks to Denise V. Medeiros, the Associate Director of the ISSO, that helped us with the decorations and incentivized us throughout the organization process.

What is the Ifest?

On September 23, 2023, the much-anticipated International Festival returned to the UNC Charlotte campus, creating a vibrant tapestry of global cultures. Running from 10 am to 6 pm, this event, known for its celebration of diversity, was open to all, with admission being entirely free of charge.

Set against the backdrop of the Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC) and its surroundings, the festival transformed the campus into a bustling marketplace, with booths representing over 35 nations. Manned by both international students from UNC Charlotte and members of Charlotte’s international community, these booths showcased a rich array of art, crafts, and costumes unique to each participating country. Culinary delights from around the world were also on offer, providing a literal taste of global cuisine. While some vendors accepted credit cards, cash was advised, as many preferred this mode of payment.

Throughout the day, the festival resonated with the rhythms and dances of various nations, echoing from both indoor and outdoor stages. This family-oriented event catered to the younger audience with special attractions like mimes and face painting.

One of the festival’s distinctive features was the international games zone, where attendees of all ages engaged in and learned about the cultural significance of various games. From mastering archery to orchestrating moves on a life-sized chessboard, or even participating in a spirited game of soccer, the activities were as diverse as the cultures they represented.

Originating in 1975, the International Festival has continually evolved to reflect the burgeoning diversity of the region. Previous years have seen an impressive turnout, with over 20,000 attendees immersing themselves in this global showcase.

The event’s success was made possible through the support of various campus and community partners, including Chartwell’s College and University Dining Services, Cone University Center, the Office of Business Affairs, the Office of International Programs, and Student Union Activities & Recreation. Additionally, the Inclusive Excellence Grant program played a crucial role in its realization.

For the safety of all attendees, vendors, and artists, enhanced security measures were in place. Guests were advised to forego large bags to expedite entry, and to allow extra time for screening procedures.

The International Festival stands as a testament to UNC Charlotte’s commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diverse cultures. For further inquiries, the Office of International Programs at UNC Charlotte could be contacted at 704-687-7755. The spirit of unity and cultural appreciation echoed through the festival, leaving lasting memories for all who attended.


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