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de-CIPHERing Infectious Disease

New podcast “de-CIPHERing Infectious Disease” shares with the public the research we do at CIPHER

Find the podcast at [](
Find the podcast at

”de-CIPHERing Infectious Disease” explores the cutting-edge interdisciplinary research happening at UNC Charlotte’s CIPHER Research Center. Each episode features an in-depth interview with one of CIPHER’s researchers, allowing them to discuss their background, current projects, and the exciting team science approach they take to tackle complex issues at the intersection of health, environment, data science, genomics, infectious disease, and more. Host Ian Binns engages the researchers in accessible conversations that dive into the science behind their work while also highlighting the collaborative spirit and diverse expertise that makes CIPHER’s ”One Health” philosophy so powerful. From evolution and phylogenetics to machine learning, drug discovery, and preventing the next pandemic, ”de-CIPHERing Infectious Disease” offers listeners a window into the innovative solutions being pioneered to address global challenges.

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