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Meet Mr. Jones

Mr. Cameron Jones is an undergraduate student at Eastern Michigan University, pursuing a dual degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. His academic interests lie in exploring the applications of Machine Learning and AI within the realm of Computational Mathematics and Modeling. During the Summer Semester of 2023, Cameron had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed professionals, including Dr. Denis Jacob Machado, Dr. Paula Prieto Oliveira, and Anastasiia Duchenko.

The primary focus of their collaboration was to replicate and authenticate a prior study conducted by Dr. Coby Ford et al. (2023; doi: 10.3389/fviro.2023.1172027). Specifically, their research centered around the usage of artificial intelligence to predict novel viral proteins and their biding afficinity to neutralizing antibodies. The study’s findings have far-reaching implications, shedding light on various topics that can contribute to addressing diverse challenges, including but not limited to current treatment strategies and the development of vaccines against coronavirus diseases, with a specific focus on COVID-19.

Mr. Jones was funded by the 2023 REU in Computting at UNC Charlotte’s College of Computing and Informatics. This REU site was funded by the NSF.

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