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Giovanna Yumi Scorsim Omura

Ph.D. StudentPh.D. student and research assistant

Giovanna Yumi Scorsim Omura

Who am I?


I’m a PhD student at the UNC Charlotte, specializing in Malacology, the study of mollusks, particularly land snails. I hold degrees in Biology and Education, with a Master’s in Zoology.

My research focuses on terrestrial malacofauna worldwide, encompassing taxonomy, phylogeny, and gastropod ecology. I possess expertise in bioinformatics, Python programming, scientific collection curation, and modern evolutionary synthesis.

I actively participate in various societies, including the American Malacological Society, Sociedade Brasileira de Malacologia, Grupo Paranaense de Malacologia, and the Society for the Study of Evolution.

My PhD research at the Phyloinformatics Lab centers on:

Previous reserach:

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