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Hannah Zeru (she/her)

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Hannah Zeru

I am an undergraduate student at UNC Charlotte majoring in Computer Science. My concentration is AI, Robotics, and Gaming, and I am focusing on the application of AI in games. I have an Associate of Arts and Level One Simulation and Game Development certificate from Central Piedmont Community College.

During the Summer semester of 2023, I participated in the REU Site on Smart and Sefure Future Computing at UNC Charlotte’s College of Computing and Informatics. The REU Site was funded by the National Science Foundation (6th Site Award, NSF #2244424). Anastasiia Duchenko and Drs. Denis Jacob Machado and Paula Prieto Oliveira trained me. Togther with my colleague Mr. Cameron Jones, we worked on replicating and automatizing a previous study that predicted SARS-CoV-2 binding affinities to antibodies (Ford et al., 2023).

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