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A new HPC training module for UNC Charlotte's URC

I have been talking to the people from UNC Charlotte’s Office of One IT and students from our graduate program in bioinformatics about potentially creating a training module to help users of our University Research Cluster (URC; see We are just brainstorming at this stage, and your opinion could really help us while we are trying to think about how this could work.

Please use the “CONTRIBUTE” button (below) to submit ideas of topics, problems, or situations you want to see covered in a potential training module. We are now calling it the “High-Performance Computing” training module, but its name might change. Remember that the module will cover good behavior and skills to help the users of the URC. We don’t have a date to close this form, and you are welcome to submit different responses at multiple times and dates.


The button above will take you to a simple Google Form. It is a straightforward form. Use the text box to type one or more ideas that you have. Focus on listing problems that you would like the training module to cover, or abilities that you would like to be training in that module. Then, the sky is the limit.

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