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Samba with DALE

DALE at the Bioinformatics building

DALE in Bioinformaticsm
DALE in Bioinformaticsm

The Phyloinformatics Lab worked together with CCI’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee to organize events during Hispanic Heritage Month. One of the events involved inviting a student group called DALE to have one of their events in our spaces.

Any individuals, regardless of their background or skill level in dance, were welcomed to join us. The primary focus of this DALE event revolve around Samba. We were the Bioinformatic’s 2nd-floor lobby and room 218. The event was from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM.

If you have any questions about this or future events, we kindly encourage you to reach out through Niner Engage, DALE’s Instagram (@daleuncc), or via email at daleuncc [at]

What is DALE?

DALE stands for the Dancing Association for Latine Expression. DALE is an all-women-founded organization that was created to spread the love of dance and culture.

The primary purpose of DALE is to allow a safe space for Latine students as well as non-Latine students to gather together to learn about Latin American countries through dance and expression. DALE is an association that aims to provide visibility, understanding, and appreciation for Latine culture. Through DALE, we aim to continue to provide more representation for Latine individuals by allowing for a meaningful exchange of information and physical movement.

DALE’s Niner Engage Page

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