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The Phyloinfomratics Lab at the 20th X-Meeting

We attended the 20th Brazilian Congress of Bioinformatics (X-Meeting 2024)

Hugo de Paula Oliveira at the X-Meeting 2024
Hugo de Paula Oliveira at the X-Meeting 2024

The event

X-meeting 2024 is more than just a congress; it’s a unique experience of learning, interaction, and integration with Brazil’s bioinformatics and computational biology community. This year, the event will be held in the beautiful and historic city of Salvador, Bahia, between June 11 and 14. You can’t miss this opportunity to learn about scientific advances, new technologies, and trends in the field, as well as network with researchers, students, and professionals from all over the country.

The event is organised by the Brazilian Association of Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (AB3C), whose mission is to promote the scientific, technological, and educational development of the field in Brazil. Secure your place at this unmissable meeting!

Our poster

Our poster is entitled “Recombination and Evolution of DENV-1 Genotype V in Brazil.” It was written by Hugo de Paula Oliveira and Kary Ocaña (from National Laboratory of Scientific Computing-LNCC, Laboratory of Bioinformatics-LABINFO, Petrópolis-RJ, Brazil). Other authors include Paula Prieto Oliveira and Denis Jacob Machado (from the phyloinformatics lab).


Genome recombination shapes evolutionary dynamics and phenotypic diversity. Thus, understanding recombination in dengue virus (DENV) is crucial for evolutionary biology and public health. We conducted a case study on DENV-1, genotype V from Brazil, revealing a previously underestimated frequency of recombination events. The approach established with our case study consists of: 1) retrieving complete DENV genomes from NCBI’s GenBank; 2) employing GenomeDetective v.2.77 for genotype identification; 3) annotating genes FLAVi; 4) aligning sequences MAFFT v.7; and 5) recombination detection in RDP5. For this presentation, we will use this protocol to conduct recombination screening of DENV variants worldwide. Since recombination screens were never conducted in DENV at this scale, we will employ recombination simulations to optimize screening protocols and assess the performance of our methodology in terms of efficiency and sensitivity. These efforts promise insights into DENV evolution and may benefit the study of other viral pathogens.

20º Congresso Brasileiro de Bioinformática: X-Meeting 2024 (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)
20º Congresso Brasileiro de Bioinformática: X-Meeting 2024 (Salvador, Bahia, Brazil)

See our poster in Zenodo

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